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The built environment is the fastest growing source of emissions in our state, causing both indoor and outdoor harmful pollution. This pollution in our homes and across neighborhoods is dangerous for our health and can lead to serious conditions such as asthma, heart attacks, and strokes. People of color and communities living on lower incomes disproportionately shoulder exposure to outdoor air pollution and the associated health risks, making it especially urgent to address gas pollution in the building sector.

The Healthy Homes & Clean Buildings Act (HB 1084) is one amongst several climate policies that would tackle emissions strategically across our economy. This bill creates a green pathway to phase out of fracked gas and other fossil fuels in buildings and move towards all-electric healthy homes. Take action today: email your Representatives urging them to pass HB 1084 out of committee!

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I am calling to urge Senator Patty Murray to lead the fight against Trump’s disastrous environmental budget in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

The budget bill cuts funding that Washington State needs to clean up thousands of toxic sites, protect our beautiful environment, and ensure that our air and water are clean and safe for our families.

Senator Murray has been a reliable champion for the environment, and we need her leadership now more than ever to keep our communities safe and healthy.