Thank the legislators who delivered on Climate Action


Washington State legislators took bold action for our climate, our health, our communities, and our future by passing the Climate Commitment Act (SB 5126) and the Clean Fuel Standard (HB 1091). 

Both bills alone put us on the leading edge of tackling climate pollution head-on and doing so in a way that addresses the devastating impacts of air pollution in our overburdened communities -- alongside directing deep investments to build a more resilient and healthy Washington. These two bills alone will result in cleaner air, real growth in our clean energy economy, and a more equitable and just Washington.

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I am calling to urge Senator [YOUR SENATOR] to pass a Clean Fuel Standard. Now that the House has passed the Clean Fuel Standard (HB 1091), for the third year in a row, the Senate must act. This important bill will reduce the carbon intensity of transportation fuels by 20% by 2035 and result in cleaner air for everyone.

Transportation is now the largest source of emissions in Washington, and a Clean Fuel Standard is a proven way to reduce this carbon pollution. I urge you to prioritize passing a Clean Fuel Standard this year.

Washington needs cleaner choices for transportation. A Clean Fuel Standard is a key part of this solution. Please pass HB 1091/Clean Fuel Standard now!