Support Coastal Critical Habitat for Orcas

The National Marine Fisheries Service just proposed expanding Southern Resident killer whale  critical habitat to include over 15,500 square miles of coastal waters! These highly intelligent, critically endangered, and culturally revered mammals declined in population to just 73 after this summer’s loss of three individuals. Noise pollution, combined with a scarcity of Chinook salmon and exposure to toxic contaminants, is pushing these orcas into extinction. Protecting critical habitat will push the federal government to address these threats.

These West Coast orcas depend on salmon availability in the ocean, which is why the federal government has proposed critical habitat stretching from Point Sur, California, through the northern boundary of Washington State.

Please submit your support for this designation to the National Marine Fisheries Service by December 18. Tell the Fisheries Service to finalize the critical habitat expansion as soon as possible.

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I am calling to urge Senator Patty Murray to lead the fight against Trump’s disastrous environmental budget in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

The budget bill cuts funding that Washington State needs to clean up thousands of toxic sites, protect our beautiful environment, and ensure that our air and water are clean and safe for our families.

Senator Murray has been a reliable champion for the environment, and we need her leadership now more than ever to keep our communities safe and healthy.