Support fair redistricting for people of color

Redistricting Justice Washington

Every ten years, we have a census to count every person in every community. And every ten years, we redraw our political district boundaries to ensure equal population in each of our districts for equal representation. This process is called redistricting, and it is base zero in determining the battle lines of our democracy. Redistricting sets the district boundaries where we hold elections to elect our local, state, and federal government elected officials. 

Throughout history, redistricting has been used as a tool to marginalize communities of color through a tactic called "gerrymandering". This is where politicians and special interest groups divide or "pack" people of color in districts that dilute our voting power in favor of a political party. It is crucial that we take action to prevent this dilution of people of color's voting power in this redistricting process so our communities can be fairly drawn into districts where we can elect representatives who will fight for our priorities and interests.

In Washington, a bipartisan independent commission of two Democrats, two Republicans, and one nonpartisan non-voting member redraws our state legislative and federal congressional district boundaries.

We at Redistricting Justice for Washington are asking you to send an email to the Redistricting Commission to ensure communities of color and Native American Tribes are empowered in this year's redistricting process and not unfairly divided. Send this email to fight for fair representation for people of color.

Thank you for calling to give testimony to the Washington State Redistricting Commission for Redistricting Justice for Washington's core priorities of empowering communities of color in this redistricting process. When you call the commission's phone number, you will automatically be prompted to leave a voicemail message. Then, you will read the provided script to provide your testimony. You may add in or remove any parts of the script as you'd like

*You'll receive a call from 360-777-6763 that will provide you guidance on what to say to your officials, and then patch you through directly to them.

Thank you for taking action! 

Please share this action with friends and family - together we can ensure democratic representation here in WA!

Hello commissioners,

My name is name is [YOUR NAME] and I live in [YOUR CITY/TOWN]. I am calling to you to voice my support for fair redistricting maps that empower communities of color in Washington State. Specifically, I urge the commission to:

  1. Keep Native American Tribes together, not split between district lines. Under Washington State law, the commission must recognize "local political subdivisions and areas recognized as communities of interest" when redrawing our districts. Native American Tribes fall into that category, and thus should prioritize consulting with Tribal leaders and keeping Tribes together in singular districts. Specifically, please ensure the Yakama Nation is not divided.
  2. Preserve the majority-POC status of the 9th congressional district. It is essential we maintain the majority-POC congressional district so Washington people of color have a majority to elect and hold accountable one of Washington's ten congressional representatives. I support Redistricting Justice for Washington's 9th district proposal to keep the 9th majority POC, and draw out the Eastside suburbs to add in Burien, Auburn, White Center, and the Muckleshoot Nation to create a more working-class 9th district.
  3. Increase the number of majority-POC citizen-voting-age population legislative districts, especially in Yakima County.Drawing as many districts with majority-POC electorates (or, citizen voting age populations) as possible empowers historically marginalized communities of color in Washington in our political process. In 2011, only the 37th legislative district was majority-POC by citizens-voting-age population (CVAP). This year, we can and must add majority POC CVAP LDs in the 11th and 33rd LDs (South King County), and 14th LD (Yakima County). Additionally, we can and must add majority-POC population LDs in Snohomish County and Pasco, and preserve the majority-POC 29th and 30th LDs.

It is crucial we empower and coalesce, not divide and dilute, Tribes and communities of color so we can create districts and government that is representative of our state's population. We must have fair district lines so we have the power to elect representatives that fight all of our communities' interests, namely our historically marginalized communities. 

I strongly urge the commission to listen to these demands and the input from communities of color, Tribes, and everyday Washingtonians like myself. Thank you